• Woman assisting older gentleman with walker

    Protecting P.A.U.L.

    People with Alzheimer’s Unaware and Lost aids those suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia by providing responders with information. Find out more here.

  • A boy and a girl standing on a bridge


    Special Needs Awareness Program aids those with special needs and provides information about the program member to responders. Find out more here.

  • Emergency vehicle lights

    Emergency Notifications

    LCECC has the capability to send mass notifications to the public if there is an emanate threat possible.

  • Fire Fighters Fighting Fire


    Dispatchers communicate with city, county and volunteer fire fighters during emergency and non-emergency calls, and testing systems. Dispatchers are also EMD certified to assist with medical emergencies until the local EMS can be on scene to assist the caller.

  • Emporia Police Department and Lyon County Sherrif Department at the DK

    Law Enforcement

    LCECC dispatches for Emporia Police Department, Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, and Americus Police Department.

  • Hands dialing 911 on cell phone

    911 Education

    LCECC offers 911 Education to any community group to encourage the proper use of 911 and emergency services. Find out more here.

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