S.N.A.P. Program

Special Needs Awareness Program (S.N.A.P.) is a program that assists Lyon County Emergency responders in identifying and assisting citizens of all ages with special needs in the event of an emergency.

An individual with special needs may have difficulty communicating about their identity, address, or unique needs. When lost or in an emergency situation, this program helps first responders identify and appropriately interact with your loved one to better assist them and return them safely home, if needed.

It is our goal to equip police officers, fire fighters, and emergency medical services to respond with the greatest level of support and dignity when they encounter an opportunity to serve someone living with a disability.

For more information contact LCECC at SNAP@lcecc.org or (620) 343-4225.

All information provided is safeguarded and maintained by the Lyon County Emergency Communication Center. Unless contacted, our agency will send out yearly notices for updated information and pictures.

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