Our dispatchers serve as a lifeline for callers before responders can arrive to the scene; all dispatchers are EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatch) and EFD (Emergency Fire Dispatch) certified. A main priority during an emergency is to monitor the safety and well-being of first responders: police, fire, and medical.

LCECC dispatchers are EMD certified to assist with medical emergencies until the local EMS can be on scene to assist the caller. EMD stands for Emergency Medical Dispatcher; life-saving medical instructions used during medical emergency calls. EMD training includes: assault, chest pain, breathing problems, heart problems, gunshot wounds, and more. EMD training provides dispatchers with knowledge to walk callers through CPR, as they are CPR certified.

Our dispatchers rotate between three shifts that are much like those of the Sheriff’s Deputies and Emporia Police Officers. Our department dispatches for Emporia Police Department, Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, ESU Police & Safety, and Americus Police Department. LCECC also dispatches for the Emporia Fire Department and six rural fire departments in Lyon County. Dispatchers communicate with city and county fire fighters and volunteers during emergency and non-emergency calls, and testing systems.

LCECC dispatchers also field non-emergency calls for Lyon County. These calls vary in nature but can include burn permit questions to reporting suspicious activity.

LCECC also has the capability to send mass notifications to the Lyon County area citizens if there is an emanate threat possible through the Everbridge system. You can sign up for the alerts here.

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